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Overall I think this is just downright the most effective “kids on bikes” small town atmosphere I’ve ever encountered in a horror novel, ESPECIALLY because nothing is sugar coated and as I said in my original review that this dying do-nothing town and all the freaks, stoners, eccentrics and junkies that inhabit it are so tangentially familiar to me. Near the end Jill muses about how state lines are arbitrary, that it’s all really the same thing copy and pasted forever, and jfc if that doesn’t speak volumes about capitalism itself and the cycle the youth of today grow up within, the one where we are all aware of as the abyss of the future awaits us like a void in space and can do nothing but fight against this entropy through some kind of broad radical action, whether personal, empathetic and based on identity (Lu) or self-centered, desiring to escape that entropy all together through trying to achieve some spiritual apotheosis (Tyler), etc. I’ll reiterate that I still think this is probably the best fictional portrayal of misspent alienated youth I have ever seen, which is impressive especially considering how this was written in 2020 and those tropes have long been utilized throughout the decades, centuries; Yeager’s just feels so distinctly generational and urgent in a way I’ve never seen it done before

This book transcends sexuality by presenting these teens as having seemingly no preference in who they love, are with, and are themselves (there is even a character who is often referred to as 'she' and 'he,' making it hard for the reader to know exactly who or what this person identifies as). I see this book mentioned often on this sub and there’s a lot of praise for it so I put it on my reading list because people often cited it as being a mashup of junji Ito and Lovecraft. After reading it all I could feel was... nothing?s hauntingly beautiful prose made every reading moment feel like it streamed away, ceaseless, like waves that keep on seeking the shore when the light of day is fading and a darkened sky gathers. Yeah, this is not just a book to read. It's an experience to be immersed in. A dark one, yet magical nonetheless. an unflinching self-exploration of a woman at various major life stages, not to mention a refreshing portrait of a very modern Irish marriage breakdown, divorce and family break-up.’ As Lovecraft himself explains, all weird stories are characterised by “some strange suspension or violation of the galling limitations of time, space and natural law which forever imprison us and frustrate our curiosity about the infinite cosmic spaces beyond the radius of our sight and analysis.” Thus, the terror of Lovecraft’s weird fiction is premised on an external, alien reality (or ‘The Outside’ as it is sometimes called) infiltrating or encroaching upon the known terrestrial-empirical world of humanity, therein causing unfathomable horrors and mind-shattering anomalies to occur within the time-space continuum. Indeed, the metaphysical implication that throbs consistently within all his stories, regardless of character or plot, is the inability of human consciousness to fully grasp the true and essentially monstrous nature of reality itself. To quote the much-cited passage which opens Lovecraft’s most famous short story The Call of Cthulhu Negative Space tells the story of three teenagers living in the fictional town of Kinsfield, New Hampshire: Jill, Lu and Ahmir. Something is happening and it might very well be the end of the world: their classmates are killing themselves, animals hurl themselves at cars on the highway, acts of random violence go barely noticed, their common friend Tyler might be communicating with higher beings. All our three narrators want is to survive whatever’s coming for them. B.R Yeager’s Virus of Life Press your ear to this book, and you will hear the tumultuous soundscape of a life, in all its joys and sorrows and wonderings.’

Negative Space is a beautiful book – raw, honest, and vulnerable. Searingly intimate and thought-provoking.’ Prokhorov, Nikita (15 March 2013). Alain Nicolas in Ambigrams revealed. New Riders. ISBN 978-0-13-308646-1 . Retrieved 2021-08-07.

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She is uncommonly good at writing about being embodied. When she learns of her husband’s infidelity, she starts wringing her hands and notices for the first time that this is not only something that happens in books. As if to shout down cliches about finding one’s voice: “After my marriage breaks, I go to the top of a mountain and scream. The wind whips the sound away, disappearing it out of my mouth before it has even hit the air. I scream in the empty house. I scream at the empty house. I yell in the bath.” Testing her voice Immediate and wholly convincing…She is uncommonly good at writing about being embodied… Negative Space is the record of a writer remaking life and language, knowing they will always be strangely matched.’ I’m really curious to know why other people like this book. I feel like I’m either missing out on critical information or maybe this genre isn’t for me. I do feel like a part of me is too used to horror movies, where there is usually a clear goal or objective, whether that’s surviving or escaping something for example. Overall I didn’t hate the book but I guess I just wanted something more to bite into. And I loooooved the LGBT representation. LGBT characters exist, and aren't defined by their queerness. It's not even brought up. They're just allowed to exist, and it's wonderful. It’s a hard book to read – due to the subject matter and the stylistic and structural choices, it’s hard to understand and often even harder to sympathize with the actions of some characters. Yet you don’t want the novel to end, like a fever dream that feels more Real than real.

I never did try salvia, although if I’d discovered it earlier I probably would have. At any rate, in the novel WHORL is a drug that opens a portal to another realm of existence. This portal can facilitate access to supernatural powers. It’s unclear whether it is the user’s intention or simply their innate nature that determines whether the power will be used for good or evil, but regardless we see examples of both play out in the book. Yeager takes his time in fully explicating the significance of WHORL and the particulars of its use (and abuse), which is good because this uncertainty in the reader’s mind is what fuels the narrative engine.

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Someday I'll wake up and it'll be like my life's already over, because it'll be dozens of years from now already and I'm still the same. Sets of mirrors facing each other, expanding space and me and every moment I've been here. Nobody knows me, because I haven't left anything for them, and I can't stand to look half of them in the eye." This article possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. ( July 2018) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message)

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