Bare Bottom Spankings: Big Bottoms Are Best

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Bare Bottom Spankings: Big Bottoms Are Best

Bare Bottom Spankings: Big Bottoms Are Best

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As she climbed the stairs thoughts of her own upbringing and the spankings she had received raced through her mind, what part of her naughty bottom had taught her the most? What words had her Mummy used to send the message home? What advice from her mentors, the W.I. and the Vicar helped her do what was needed? The memories spoke to her…”Spare the rod, spoil the child.”“It is for her own good.”“She will thank you one day.” I have just finished the first incident in the ‘Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls ~ Incident Log’ However, I don’t want to end our journey into corporal punishment here. Our sessions are so hot, so intense, and the connection between us before, during and after the act itself is always so wonderful. I’d realised that I was right at the edge of my abilities and to attempt to cane her harder would risk injury.


The first six were firm, with a nice gap between each and evenly spaced over her bottom. Carla was holding Katie’s face in her hands, looking into her eyes, and I loved how hot she found Katie’s reactions, how complicit this made her in the punishment.Oh shit! Why today, why does she need a hug? Today of all days when I have let her down.” Thought Karen. This very naughty little boy needs his bottom spanked hard and he’s refusing to obey me – can you help me with him, please?” I’m sure Aunt Pam deliberately used humiliating, babyish language. This angered me and I became quite sullen and sulky. I remember actually grinning and not really taking her seriously, and yet feeling quite excited, with a combination of disbelief and adrenalised elation! I asked her if it was true that she’d caned her Rory across his bare bottom, but she just told me that it was none of my business – what was my business right now was my own behaviour. Well, about an hour later, mum came home and of course the first thing she saw was a grim-faced Mrs Smyth, and her daughter and son (in drag) standing in the corner. The promised storm arrived on one fateful Spring day. Confidence had grown into over confidence. Self confidence into haughtiness. Pubic hairs had covered her soft pubescent bone, fingers had delved, conversations with friends on the delight of a fingered pussy had taken place. It was one such conversation that made her not even notice her form teacher walk into the classroom. She carried on talking to Barbara, instead of standing up with the rest, to say in a slightly singing way, “Good Morning Miss Weltwell.”

Schneeland barebottom spanking - video Dailymotion Schneeland barebottom spanking - video Dailymotion

Once again, the room was full of the combined noises of a little bottom being spanked and a little girl crying hard. I was in floods of tears before I was allowed to throw myself face down on my own bed. I was trying my best to shrink into the carpet, wishing my clothing was a bit more masculine in appearance, and trying to pull up my very non-masculine panties at the same time! All the words looked so official, having been typed by the school secretary. And signed by her teacher in ‘Quink’ blue, fountain pen ink. Now, do any of you know how embarrassing it is to explain to three females – one a neighbour, one your sister and the other your mum – that you get excited wearing girls clothes? I didn’t mention that getting spanked by a pretty young female while wearing those clothes was absolute heaven – especially since the female in question was a very close relative. Karen got out and some involuntary action told her to stand to attention. Anything good right now, might stop the severity of what was to come. is no longer available.

To say the least, the meal was a slow somber affair. Mummy had given her a small portion, knowing that her tummy would be in knots. Soon the table was cleared, and the pots washed. Once they were all put away, Mummy spoke. “Up you go.”Karen climbed the curved oak stair case slowly, her head down. She reached the landing and sulkily walked to her door. In she went and shut the door behind her, resting against it. She cried, she had let her Mummy down, she had been naughty girl. After all her praise, she was now a naughty girl, about to get a bare bottom spanking Time to leave them, until the next time…Mummy is downstairs, putting the slipper away, until next time. She knows this will not be the last time it will be used, it will probably have just been the first of many. Mummy sat on the bed, and slid the slipper deftly under the pillow. Then turned a nervous, worried Karen to face her. “I told you quite plainly Karen, that if you were naughty at school, you would be punished at home.” As she did this she tugged the pyjama bottoms down, to land in a puddle at her daughters ankles. Our unique long-standing event - it happens just once a year - where we joyfully celebrate this English vice.

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In Karen’s case Mummy simply said, “I have signed it, and returned it already. Let me say this just once Karen. If you are ever punished at school, you will be punished again at home, understood?” Finally, Aunt Pam asked Doreen to give me three strokes of the cane, while she continued to hold me firmly over her knee. Doreen duly obliged. The cane strokes weren’t too hard, but they did bite. The next thing I knew, Aunt Pam was holding my arms firmly so I couldn’t move, and Doreen was unzipping my jeans. Then I was pulled across Pam’s knee in a daze. From the very first visit to the Girl’s Grammer School, it was made clear that corporal punishment was used. After a tour of the school looking at laboratories, home economic rooms and such like, the new girls were sat, with their Mums. At the end of the ‘Inroductory Speech’ by the Headmistress. It was made perfectly clear that corporal punishment was used to keep any naughty girl in line, and that parents had to sign a consent form to say that they agreed with the school’s Disciplinary Code of Conduct. This caused a mumbling stir in the Assembly Hall and the loins of many girls, as Mummy’s turned to whisper to their child. A poor crying Karen thought it was over, but Mummy was reaching for the slipper. Karen looked to the mirror and saw it, she looked over her shoulder, up to meet her Mummy’s eyes.

As told to Take 5

Sometimes, a whole class could get a ‘double stripe’ for rowdiness. Then, if you just got a single stripe on top of that, you were for it. A bit unfair, but this was Anne’s situation. I had also accumulated three stripes this way myself a couple of times, but for some reason escaped with just a telling-off. My second great desire in this weird and shadowy dimension was to be spanked myself by a stern, no-nonsense older female. This was kindled in me by Aunt Pam, with the help of her friend Doreen, who lived with her. Thank God, there were few neighbours on our street and I didn’t know any of them, as they had no children! My sister, meanwhile, was giggling and started to laugh at me. Mom was so mad that she didn’t stop to think and had me stand by the wall while she proceed to flip up my sister’s skirts and show her panties (flowered ones) and started to spank her too, saying: “You think this is funny? I’ll show you its not funny!” Mildred was walking by, the strains of the spanking symphony drifted through the window turning into a cocophony of sound, hard whups! and long, long howls of pain! She nodded satisfactorily. “Good old Mummy, keeping up the standards, that’ll teach her!” I’m going to set up a three way session with the very skilled corporal punishment expert Miss Amy Hunter.

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