StrongArm Comfort Cane + Lightweight Adjustable Walking Cane + Stabilizes Wrist & Provides Extra Support & Stability + Ergonomic Hand & Forearm Grip

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StrongArm Comfort Cane + Lightweight Adjustable Walking Cane + Stabilizes Wrist & Provides Extra Support & Stability + Ergonomic Hand & Forearm Grip

StrongArm Comfort Cane + Lightweight Adjustable Walking Cane + Stabilizes Wrist & Provides Extra Support & Stability + Ergonomic Hand & Forearm Grip

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The first is foam grip, it is soft and comfortable to hold. It is also easy to clean and does not slip. It provides good support and is ideal for people with arthritis or other hand problems. While this type of cane has been created with seniors who have mobility issues in mind, it's suitable for use by adults of any age. If a child is tall enough, they may be able to take advantage of it, too. Even if you're suffering from a temporary injury or disability as a younger adult, you might find this cane to be a useful aid as you get up, sit down, or move around. Young adults, especially, may be fond of the shiny blue color option. While it weighs only 1.75 pounds, the StrongArm Comfort Cane has been factory tested to withstand 500 pounds of pressure. It offers 12 height adjustments, so it cancomfortably fit everyone from the most petite grandmother to the tallest athlete recovering from injury. The StrongArm Comfort Cane is covered by Medicare, in most cases, under Part B. HurryCane model is a lightweight and portable cane that is still strong enough to support up to 350 lbs. Made of durable aluminum, this cane is adjustable in height from 30.5-37.5 inches, and can be folded down to a compact 13.75 inches for easy transport and storage. The T-handle provides a comfortable grip, and the antiskid tip ensures a safe, stable walk. The StrongArm Comfort Cane was conceived by a young group of award winning designers to improve mobility, posture, and stability for the ‘not so young’ users needing walking support assistance.

Tip construction is the basis of a cane for balance. Tips with several feet are the best choice for providing stability. The StrongArm® Comfort Cane provides the ultimate support and stability for your mobility needs. StrongArm® is an ergonomic cane that can be used on both right and left arms. The handle of the cane is important for both balance and support. It should be shaped so that it is easy to grip and hold onto.The StrongArm® Comfort Cane is the next-generation walking device that will change your life. Our innovative design shifts weight from the wrist to the forearm, providing optimum stability and control. This one-of-kind design provides support and increases confidence every step of the way.

Offset handle is ideal for people who need more support while walking. It helps to distribute the weight evenly and also provides more grip. It is ideal for people with arthritis or other hand problems. To use your Strongarm Comfort Cane, the first thing you'll need to do is rest the cane on the floor. Only the rubber hexagon-shaped base should be touching the floor, and once it is, you can then rest your chosen hand on the lower foam grip pad. If you feel like the cane is too tall or too short for you, you'll be able to move on to adjusting its height. Rubber grip is firm and provides good support. It is durable, slip-resistant and easy to clean. However, it may not be as comfortable to hold as a foam grip.

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The grip of the handle affects how much pressure is put on the hand. The grip should be large enough to distribute the weight evenly over the hand. The handle of the cane is also an important consideration. You should choose a cane with a handle that is comfortable for you. This will help you to grip the cane correctly and also prevent your hand from slipping. There are different types of cane handles available today. What makes the KingGear cane stand out from others on our list is the versatility. It has a similar design with the HurryCane and Doosl. With the KingGear, it comes with an adjustable height for seniors, adults, men, women and kids. The cane also comes in different colors depending on your preferences.

KingGear’s adjustable cane is perfect for anyone looking for a lightweight and sturdy cane providing balance on any surface. Made of aluminum, this cane is foldable for easy transport and features an offset handle with comfortable spongy material grip. The quad tip is very stable with 120º rotating, making it safe for use on all surfaces. With a weight capacity of 250 lbs., this cane is perfect for anyone on the go. The unique bent design helps users stand from a seated position without using an armrest for support or struggling for balance. STABILITY: StrongArm offers a self standing base, cushioned forearm-bracing "cradle" that stabilizes the wrist, making the cane feel like a solid extension of the arm. When standing from a seated position the cane helps provide added support so you can easily stand up on your own. The unique offset bend within the design centers the handgrip over floor tip for maximum stability. The cane tip has a hexagonal base to improve traction on all surfaces. Quad tip canes have four feet that provide good traction on all types of surfaces. They are also more stable and durable than one-piece tips.

Finally, there's real innovation in walking aids," Pesek said. "StrongArm Comfort Cane blends the simplicity of a cane with the support, stability and control of a crutch." The design of the Strongarm Comfort Cane will allow you to hold it in either arm. Normally, you should use your dominant arm, as you can assume that this one will offer you a bit more support than the other. However, if you've got a sore or injured dominant arm, you'll be able to transfer it to your other arm, if need be. If you share your cane with someone else, it also won't matter which arm they choose to use, although they may need to make an adjustment to the cane's height. The StrongArm cane is an upgrade from the Doosl walking cane, which we named as our Editor’s Choice, in terms of its handle and support. It supports up to 500 lbs. and has a uniquely designed handle with hand and forearm grip, for ergonomic support. The Doosl is best designed for lighter people who don’t need as much support. Plastic tip is ideal for people who want a firmer grip. It is also easy to clean and does not slip.

If you are a senior, you may be able to live alone (and move about your town or city independently) for longer than you otherwise would if you have one of these canes. Since you can use this cane to pull yourself up from a sitting position, you'll no longer have to ask others for help or look for a chair with arms to use as leverage. You may also be able to walk longer distances, across rougher terrain, without experiencing the fatigue you would with no cane or the wrist strain you might get from standard hook-shaped canes. BeneCane model is made of aluminum, which makes it light and easy to carry. It can be adjusted from 32.2-36.2 inch, so that you can adjust the height according to your needs. It has double offset handle with cushioned grip for maximum stand assist. The cane features quad tip, which provides a better stability and balance and can hold up to 300 lbs. of weight. It also features wrist strap for added safety when needed. This particular cane will support up to 500 pounds, which is much heavier than the weight of the average human, and a weight that few human beings will ever approach. It won't feel heavy to carry, though, as each one is made of lightweight yet durable aluminum. MEDICAL GRADE: Recommended by orthopaedic and mobility professionals, the ‘StrongArm Comfort Cane’ offers a vital improvement in stability over traditional canes and crutches. It gives the freedom and support to do more throughout the day. The cane is universal, and may be used on either the left or right arm. Two canes may be used at the same time for extra support.

Walk Upright and Change Line of Sight: Revolutionary handle helps you to walk upright and changes your line of sight, helps look forward instead of down, will make you walk straight and feel more confident, help you easily get up and out of chairs.Comfortable grip handles for those who suffer from arthritis. The first is T-handle, this type of handle is the most popular, it is ideal for people with arthritis or other hand problems. It is also comfortable to use for long walks. Rubber tip is the most popular type of tip. It is durable and provides good traction. It is suitable for use on all types of surfaces.

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