Spiteful Mutants: Evolution, Sexuality, Religion, and Politics in the 21st Century

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Spiteful Mutants: Evolution, Sexuality, Religion, and Politics in the 21st Century

Spiteful Mutants: Evolution, Sexuality, Religion, and Politics in the 21st Century

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He appears regularly on Mark Collett's alt-right podcast as a guest and was interviewed by the white supremacist American Renaissance magazine.

It appears the proper development of individual bees depends on the overall 'genetic' health of the hive with individual traits being partly mediated by social interactions between individual bees. Defending Atheist Mutational Load Theory: The Authors' Reply: Are atheists mutants? The author's reply to my previous critique. by Scott A. McGreal (June 21, 2018) Psychology Today. Every church will praise the members that are highly religious, so that’s what the losers choose to be. In regards to humans, it is argued that these deleterious mutations combined with social epistatic effects lead to these 'spiteful mutants' sometimes reaching positions of social influence, as deleterious mutation accumulation might enable exceptional abilities to game the system's selection mechanisms, and certain traits generally associated with higher social status, such as intelligence are also only weakly linked to deleterious mutation accumulation. [7]

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Population differences in androgen levels: A test of the Differential K theory". London Conference on Intelligence, 2015. A team of researchers found that the mutant mice were secreting a pheromone called Darcin that resulted in the modification of the behavior of exposed healthy mice and that the social withdrawal-related behaviors of the mutated mice were independent of their environment, implying that Calhoun was incorrect when he claimed that the social withdrawal observed among the 'beautiful ones' in his famous experiment was due to overpopulation. [12] appropriately called the windrush statue and that upset me and why did it upset, me because we at Waterloo Station are our second busiest Terminus at our main, turbulence in the UK have put up a monument to our own defeat as a people. Yet the effects described have only appeared in countries dominated by Western news and entertainment media, Hollywood in particular. Moreover, they only appeared when Hollywood began actively promoting them 50-60 years ago.

The Right’s natural road forward was from instinctive goal-orientation to racial, factual goal-orientation, and this was denied us. Thanks to Xtian morality, which had made sure to take control of the power centers in the eastern U.S. along with the Jews, who Xtians worship.J. Philippe Rushton: 'He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy!' by Edward Dutton (Feb 15, 2019) YouTube. In essence, traditional religion identifies evolutionarily adaptive behavior with the will of God. Of course, religious ideas can also be maladaptive. A radically ascetic sect which rejects all sexual activity would obviously harm the evolutionary prospects of those who join it, and thus eventually dies out itself. The Shakers are an example. But religions that have survived over long periods tend to be adaptive.

When he out and out said it, so any fool could simply listen to what the man said and know exactly what he’s doing and why. A Conversation with Edward Dutton by Grégoire Canlorbe (July 10, 2019) American Renaissance (archived from 30 Jul 2019 12:05:11 UTC). The authors argued that Woodley's claim that contemporary populations had very high mutational load was based on several dubious assumptions. These assumptions include that people were generally mutation free before the Industrial Revolution, population size was always constant, and generation times were fixed and short. They also claimed Woodley put too much of an overall greater focus on natural selection pressures (viability), disregarding sexual selection pressures. People like Dutton hear “religion” and they think of eccentric old vicars at tea or (as Alec Waugh said) “kindly Father O’Bubblegum”. But the Anglicans also had a Low Church of censorious busybodies, who along with the outright Dissenters like the Puritans and Quakers, went to America and gave birth to… Woke. They regarded the vicars and kindly priests as soft and “not really Christians” just as we regard New Agers.Racialists are hated in Xtian churches. While any freak is prasied as God’s child if he spouts Xtian egalitarian propaganda and claims angels come to see him at night. It is total victimology, the weak are praised. Are Southpaws Really Sinister? Increased Incidence Suggests We’re Headed For “Mouse Utopia” Collapse

Like Jordan Peterson, Dutton is a strong believer in religion as a force for good in society, but also like Peterson, he is — embarrassingly for him and for what he is trying to promote — an atheist himself. He tries to alternately obfuscate this fact by coming up with all sorts of waffle about how things like a belief in objective truth are "really" religiousness of a sort (which they are not - opposition to postmodernist post-truth discourse has nothing to do with being religious), and justify it by claiming that geniuses will tend to be atheist and a society with a small proportion of geniuses is "evolutionarily optimal" (the implication being that his rules conveniently don't apply to people like him). In 2020, Dutton published an article somewhat sympathetic to the QAnon conspiracy theory, concluding: "the idea that the world is run — or at least heavily influenced—by selfish, child-abusers Satanists becomes less than entirely ludicrous". [45] Gov’t and religion are two sides of the same coin. The religious are inculcated with respect for authority from an early age and are ready to follow the edicts of gov’t because they mistake the force and violence of gov’t as authority. Dutton has advocated in his vlogs and on at least one podcast the mostly debunked theory that the "sexual revolution caused incels". [84] On terrorism [ edit ] The celebrities who felt compelled to jump on the bandwagon of BLM provided examples of mimetic infection and fear of ostracism.Dutton wrote an article defending and rehashing the arguments of an infamous antisemitic book by the far-right intellectual Kevin MacDonald, which somehow got published in an academic journal, although the first journal he submitted it to rejected it because it was "unsubstantiated". [73] The journal subsequently published a rebuttal by Nathan Cofnas. [74] Before 1800, only about half of children survived to adulthood. Those who did tended to be those with the fewest harmful genetic mutations. Then, within the course of a few generations, childhood mortality fell beneath one percent in most advanced countries. This meant that Darwinian natural selection ceased to operate. Children with harmful mutations began surviving to adulthood and passing on their unfavorable traits to offspring, a phenomenon known as “ dysgenic fertility.” Since about 84 percent of the human genome relates to brain development, increased mutational load means that people began to think and behave in maladaptive ways. Compounding the problem, such people influence those around them, who might still be genetically healthy, to behave in similarly maladaptive ways. These are the “Spiteful Mutants” of Dutton’s title. Their behavior is “spiteful” because it damages others without bringing any advantage to themselves.

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