Risky (Adventures in Love Book 2)

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Risky (Adventures in Love Book 2)

Risky (Adventures in Love Book 2)

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Aurora Rose Reynolds is a best selling author (Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and New York Times). She has written the “Shooting Stars” series, the “Until Her” series, the “Until Him” series, the “Underground Kings” series, and the “Until” series. She is a navy brat and her husband once served in the United States Navy. Is he going to be able to prove that it is worth it to fall in love with him again? Not to mention, can he change the plans he has made with his life to allow her into his heart? This here is a novel that will keep you up, reading until the morning hours, with no desire to put the book down for very long. Fans of the novel found this to be an enjoyable story featuring some strong main characters, as well as supporting characters. Some felt themselves falling for Asher in this book, right along with November. Readers felt that even though they had already read the book, it was just as good the next time around for them.

Let’s start with Blake. I loved the fact that he was the grumpy personality to Everly’s sunshine personality. This is a man who was currently going through the motions of life with the weight of the world on his shoulder. The motions of work, family time, and sleep was on an endless loop. Until Everly and baby Sampson came into the picture. I honestly think the moments between Blake and Sampson were my absolute favorite. This man was made to be a father and from the moment Blake set eyes on Sam the fatherly vibes set in. Gah! There’s nothing sexier than a man who choses to step into the father role from the start, no questions asked. Until Lilly” is the third novel in the “Until” series and was released in the year 2014. Cash Mayson was given a tough decision to make. Either his unborn child or the love of his life; he knew what he had to do, no matter what the consequences would be. Lilly Donovan had to accept that Cash was not who she believed him to be and start raising her kid on her own. She had to prove how strong she was. Until Trevor” is the second novel in the “Until” series and was released in the year 2013. Trevor Mayson planned his entire life out. Mainly, he would just make the family business a successful one, and keep on hooking up with women a few more years before finding a wife. That changes when he meets Liz Hayes. She is gorgeous, shy, not to mention everything he ever wanted in a woman. The only bad thing is that she does not fit into the plans he has made. When she has some free time, she loves to read, write, and going to the movies with her husband; spending time with her dog and her husband, in any way are other things that she enjoys doing in her freetime. This husband of hers is both an alpha male and he loves her as much as the men in her books live their women. Reynolds loves going to small vacations to nowhere or spending time with friends and family at her home. Not to mention the fact that she is able to admire the beauty in the world and appreciates everyday.

Publication Order of Until Books

Until November” is the first novel in the “Until” series and was released in the year 2013. November wants to get to know the safety in a small town and her dad. She leaves her bad memories behind her, as well as New York for the state of Tennessee, and goes to work for her dad as an accountant at his strip club. This book isn't so much about them getting to know each other and falling, it's more about them both having baggage to deal with, but helping each other through. There's no drama in the relationship, it comes from outside influences. Both these characters bring some big feels. Jade was so significant in her worries, her joy, her heartache, her insecurities, and her love. Blake has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Not only does he have a business to look after, but he also holding onto a secret that will affect the emotional state of his mother and sister. How do you tell your family the one person they depend on has cancer and it’s not treatable? Even if he could tell them, he has promised to keep his dad’s cancer a secret. So to say he has the weight of the world on his shoulders is an understatement. The only person he’s able to confide in is the new single mother Live Life Adventures just hired. Adventures In Love captures everything that makes Aurora Rose Reynolds- romantic spark, small town, fast-falling characters, and low angst dreamy charm. Aurora’s characters always capture my heart, and I’m loving the whole Adventure crew.

The good thing about all your sharp edges is that when you let someone past them, they are safe, maybe safer than they were before … You’ve become my safe place.” Before I start this portion of my review, I want to state that I did insert a tiny spoiler in the section below. I know in today’s world cancer seems to be everywhere and is often emotinally triggering to readers. I try to do my best to warn fellow readers of emotionally triggering content. So I apologize if you are a little bit spoiled from here on out. My job as a reviewer is to protect reader’s hearts and their mental well being. I love what Jade has done with her new beginning. She has built something new for herself and has come out of her shell a bit, even if she is more of a couch potato like me! She enjoys all kinds of music, like: Drake, Sam Hunt, Adele, and Ed Sheeran. Her favorite candy is anything covered with dark chocolate. She also loves rum, wishes she could break dance, and is a super nerd.I love this small town series and this one was pretty good it had moments where I shook my head and rolled my eyes at Mav. I was also confused why he had this sad puppy lost look in book 2 with someone name Ozzie? and now falling for Jade? Did Aurora change couples? Everly and Blake had so much chemistry from their first meeting. And after everything Blake had going on making him cranky, Everly was just the ray of sunshine he needed. Add in the completely adorable Sam and I could have read about them for days. Blake is one of those alphas who just dives on in and becomes a part of the heroine’s life, calling her “babe”, stepping in to help wherever possible, caring for little Sam, and dropping little moments of affection (hand brushes, soft kisses, etc.). It works for him and all of his gruffness, and Everly is happy to get swept away in it all, and I enjoyed watching these two fall easily and naturally into a relationship. They are open and honest with each other, they are so sweet together, and of course there’s sexy time and feels that come along with that. From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Aurora Rose Reynolds comes a bittersweet romance about the risks and rewards of falling in love. She bumps into Asher Mayson the only time that she is allowed during the hours the place is open. He seems like the perfect guy, until he opens up his mouth and starts assuming things. She wants nothing to do with him, but that is too bad because fate planned other things for her.

There are no words for the way you feel when you are truly loved by someone, and that’s what makes falling in love so risky. I just know now that it’s a risk worth taking over and over until you find the person who is meant to be yours. I enjoyed how Everly seemed to bring Blake out of his slump. She was funny and easy to like. The whole friend group embraced her. She began writing in the first place so the alpha males that were in her mind would leave her alone, and she could have some peace and quiet. She also started writing because there was a shortage of novels with alpha males in them, which pushed her to add to what was on the market. FOr the most part, the plot is pretty low drama and angst- in fact, it feels a bit tranquil, not overly exciting in any places. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it is a quieter story to me compared to the sparks of the first- it was a nice, placid retreat from the world around me. The second book in the Adventures in Love series, this is a short and sweet read and a fast-moving romance between a single mum finding her feet, and a grumpy-yet-hurting hero.Chemistry wise, this one felt a bit more on the instalove side. Blake was a bit of a jerk in Rushed, so I enjoyed getting to see more nuances to him and just what makes him the grumpy creature he is- and he ends up being quite endearing. He doesn’t go full caveman alpha jerk like some ARR leading mean- he’s on the softer end of the alpha spectrum- but he’s still got all the growly edge we love in a ARR leading man. And Everly is a classic ARR heroine- likable, hardworking, and resilient. We also get the treat of seeing Blake bond with Everly’s son- and that was just adorable watching these three form their own little family unit. Characters from the previous books are a big part of the story, and it was so nice to catch up with where they are at. There’s also an epilogue which finishes off everybody’s stories really nicely, providing great closure for the series. Well, after a strong start, this Adventures in Love series veered off into a leisurely stroll through the grocery store. That is, to say, not very adventurous at all. Oh, and I just want to say I hope this series isn't over yet. I know we've kind of got pieces of Margret and Mason's story throughout the series so far, but I would still love them to get their own book. I also wouldn't mind Ken's ex getting her own story as well. Trevor hits her with rejection and she starts moving on. Trevor finds that it is not so easy to let her go entirely. The more he avoids her, the stronger his feelings get for Liz. He is only able to take so much of it, before he snaps.

Overall, this was a pretty smooth read with easy-to-like characters and low drama. There are some external conflicts that the characters face in their lives, but nothing that really interferes with the couple’s relationship once it’s begun. Once again, we’re teased with sightings of Mason and Margret and I’m still holding out hope that we will get a book for them! Now let’s talk about the instant ‘Boom-worthy’ chemistry between Everly and Blake. I loved the slow approach with these two, especially given the fact that there is a baby boy’s heart on the line. I loved the fact that they took their relationship slow to the point where it all just came natural. Their friendship merged into a relationship to the point where I knew it was coming but it all felt completely natural like a real life relationship. I guess what I’m saying is I loved the slow relationship build-up. Everly’s attitude toward her baby daddy was different, but I wasn’t mad at the way she chose to handle things and the path she chose for her and her son. She’s a fierce and protective mama bear that always has the best interest of her child at the front of her mind. I hated the situation she gets put in, with certain people treating her worse than dirt, but I’m glad Blake was there to stand up for her and comfort her.Asher has had zero problem getting women, that changed with November, though. All he thinks about now, is making November his woman and protecting her against all the bad things. Okay, so it’s not quite that bad. Blake tows the line, but doesn’t ever really cross over into alpha male behavior (a staple of this author’s hero characters). And things get awfully close to instalove, yet manage to not fall firmly into that camp, either (also familiar territory for the author). However the hero does call the heroine “babe” way before there’s anything happening between them.

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