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By Fate I Conquer

By Fate I Conquer

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Epilogue: Skips ahead 3 years. Fina give birth to Amo/Greta twins. A boy and a girl but no names given. I think it’s kind of weird Fina is their surrogate but sweet that she did that. I’m happy they had twins. Until a couple of years ago, Nevio and I had shared a room but when I got overwhelmed by events, I often sought absolute quiet and Nevio wasn’t the quiet type. His room was a zone of war while mine was organized and spotlessly clean. Yet, our rooms were joined by a door so we could easily visit the other.

Amo touched his forehead to mine. “Every part of me that matters, my soul, my heart, my love, is yours. It’ll always be yours.” Greta doesn't need to marry to be a queen. Only by existing, she's shining brighter than most ever will,” Remo said in a harsh voice. The little mentions of the rest of the characters! I loved Matteo, pls and even Casio getting a line appearance. You’re freezing, Greta. We need to do something about it.” I sat up straighter, weighing my options. “Would you feel comfortable putting your feet on my lap? I swear on my honor that I won’t touch you inappropriately in any way.”

I have no qualms about repeating that I loved Amo×Greta as a couple, they were still so adorable and cute together. 🥰 Thank god they didn't have secondary characters energy. ✨ I was only a young girl, dressed in my favorite tutu, when I came to the realization that the men in my family were like monsters in the scary movies that Nevio loved to watch.

When Dad Saw Me, He Became Silent. His Dark Eyes—the Same Dark Brown As Mine—held A Gleam I Couldn’t Read Before Becoming Tender. I Approached Him And Briefly Hugged His Middle. “I’m Going To Bed.”“Perform That.” He Kissed The Top Of My Head Before I Pulled Away, And I Smiled At Nino And Fabiano, Which Felt A Little Tight From Overuse Today, Before Heading Into My Family’s Wing And Into My Room. Greta is and will always be my sweet and adorable little girl. She’s been my favorite book kid since forever, and I was very excited to get to know her better and properly. Though I was already expecting to love her, she still surprised me and made me fall even harder than I predicted. She’s the shy and timid girl I was expecting, yes, but she’s so much more. She’s unique, a woman that is very loyal and super strong in her own way—a way that some people may not understand, but that is very noticeable as you read the story. She’s also a character that goes and fights for what she wants, that is so reasonable, always attached to reality, and that is someone who cares so much about people she loves. And I need to say that I absolutely loved her relationship with her family—especially with Remo, Serafina and, of course, Nevio. Odié un poquito a Remo por oponerse a que, a la relación de Amo y Greta, fue muy hipócrita de su parte cuando el hizo y deshizo y me hubiera gustado que Amo secuestrara a Greta para que sintiera lo que le hizo a la familia de Serafina, pero a la vez que bueno que no lo hizo porque ya no quiero guerra.begrudgingly, reluctantly, muffling and suffocating the screams of the hater inside of me that tells me to settle for 3 😔* My interest in the story went through some trying physical strain bouncing up ↗️{0-20%} and down ↘️ up ↗️{35-50%} and down ↘️up ↗️{70-85%} and down ↘️... which is not necessarily a bad thing. Kept me on the edge of my seat. Every AmoGreta moment tbh. I felt that the epilogue was too short but I loved it. Short bc we don't get to see them as parents and I would have loved that. If it was just my birthday, I wouldn’t have celebrated at all, but it was also Nevio’s day and so I braved the excitement. One would think Remo would have crawled into every cryptic hole and corner of his and his family's property to trace down his daughter.

As someone who has read almost of her books, I can tell that Cora Reilly is nowhere near self-aware enough to be writing any of that mentally healthy nonsense. 🤣🤣🤣 I wished it stayed that way. 🤡 I think that for someone who craved to become Capo that much, Amo giving up on that aspiration because of a woman he had met a few days/weeks ago didn't make any sense. I'm positive that the scene where Amo proposes to Greta understanding full well that he forfeits his right to become a capo was meant to make the impressionable young ladies swoon and even though I'm indeed young and a lady, I didn't. Swoon that is.Nevio practically leaped at the man on the stretcher, like a cat pouncing on an injured mouse, and sliced the blades in a slashing motion across his cheek. A scream rang out and I whirled around, my heart pounding, my vision becoming blurry.

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