The Island of Adventure (The Adventure Series)

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The Island of Adventure (The Adventure Series)

The Island of Adventure (The Adventure Series)

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The book is in good condition for its age--some page edge staining; a delightful addition to any library! My grandson read it in a day, so it looks as if I will have to get the other seven in the series to keep him occupied for at least a week! The children don’t play-act at bad air but break the lamp and escape leading to a few minutes of confusing running around in the dark (they’re using torches, but it is actually dark! I think these must have been very well received at the time of writing, with only the first one or two books of the other Mystery/Adventure series in existence (Famous Five was the most advanced, up to book 3 at the time The Island of Adventure was released). In the book she absconds with a book and map from Uncle Jocelyn’s study, having spotted it by accident and asked him a few questions.

There’s certainly still something to like here, even for modern and adult readers, and I think I’m probably going to re-read through the whole series, if only out of nostalgia. This is for the postage only we do not charge you for our time or our excellent packaging, which we are noted for. She also loves her adopted "parents" Bill and Mrs Mannering very much, is Dinah's best friend, and quite fond of Philip. This is all delivered in what I think is supposed to be a Russian accent, but Rhys-Davies is a bit like Sean Connery and does most things in his own accent. Bill reveals his true identity and is pressed into service leading a rescue mission which becomes even more dangerous than it sounds, thanks to the ruthlessness of Jo-Jo and his cronies.

He is one of the few black characters to be found in Blyton and comes across as something of a caricature at first, full of superstitious tales of bad "things" wandering about at night.

But don’t worry, it’s not long before the children have found a nice man who gives them presents and plays with them and demands that they keep all this their little secret and never tell their parents (and/or neglectful relatives) about them. All of our books are 100% brand new, unread and purchased directly from the publishers in bulk allowing us to pass the huge savings on to you! On the positive side, for modern adult reader the grimdarkness of the era both is hilarious and adds an element of genuine pathos.The journey under the sea, through a long, long tunnel that connects the mainland to the Isle of Gloom, is very nicely done, and (I think) completely realistic. There they meet Joe, a friendly man who helps Philip's widowed mother Allison, at her Art Gallery, and Philip's sister, Dinah. Lucy-Ann is very affectionate towards the people she loves, particularly her brother Jack, though sometimes she is a little jealous that Jack seems to love birds more than her. It is an adventure in the true sense of the word, building tension and excitement without resorting to the crude devices that rely on mayhem and destruction to achieve their ends. But Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann and Jack soon find themselves flying straight into a truly amazing adventure.

In the tunnels under the island, Jack discovers the real reason the old mines seem to be back in use! The reward that the children receive for their part in catching the counterfeiters enables Mrs Mannering to give up work and make a home for Philip and Dinah — and for Jack and Lucy-Ann whom, in true Blyton fashion, she is more than happy to adopt. However it is maybe more suitable for 7 to 8 year olds so I am saving it for now and carrying on with the famous five books with him. I suspect that, as far as this series goes, the first of the eight books is probably only slow when compared to the others – but reading this fresh (and barely remembering a single thing from my childhood) I feel the slow start is necessary to draw the characters and setting before plunging us deep into action.Who are the two strange pilots, and what is the secret treasure hidden in the lonely valley where the children land? Bill says he is going to visit the children again before he goes, and that one of these days he will get married. But I think it's very nicely written, full of colorful detail and interesting characters, and the setting of Craggy-Tops, where Philip and Dinah live, is excellent. Pictorial wrapper is quite damaged, with front flap at one time being completely detached, but has been stuck back on with browning sticky tape.

In the car after picking up Philip, Jack and Lucy-Ann from the train station, she spots Philip's mouse and tries to dislodge it from his shirt collar. It is in this book that Jack, Philip, Dinah and Lucy-Ann first became friends and find themselves spending the summer at Craggy-Tops, with Philip and Dinah's Aunt Polly and Uncle Jocelyn. He was only seen doing real work a couple of times in the entire series- he was shown playing pool and golf, and on one occasion, he was seen fishing, though he lied that he was in the office.

And most shockingly, I never read any Famous Five at all (though I did once have a very complicated sort of choose-your-own-adventure Famous Five kit with dice and special apparatus). The Boys Clubs of America gave this work a Junior Book Club Medal in 1947 under the title Mystery Island. Until they begin to realize that something very sinister is taking place on the mysterious Isle of Gloom – where a dangerous adventure awaits them in the abandoned copper mines and secret tunnels beneath the sea.

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