Dark Force Rising: Star Wars Legends (The Thrawn Trilogy) (Star Wars: the Hand of Thrawn, 2)

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Dark Force Rising: Star Wars Legends (The Thrawn Trilogy) (Star Wars: the Hand of Thrawn, 2)

Dark Force Rising: Star Wars Legends (The Thrawn Trilogy) (Star Wars: the Hand of Thrawn, 2)

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I was wrong to say this as slow as it might be, every arc eventually worked itself out in the end so I couldn't help but think that I was a little too hasty. The “Dark Jedi” attempts to attack them both and after a brief fight is knocked out by a laser blast from nearby R2D2. The New Republic finds out from Talon Karrde that an old superior of his, Captain Hoffner, exposed the secret of the legendary Katana fleet to Thrawn.

Timothy Zahn is the author of more than forty novels, nearly ninety short stories and novellas, and four short fiction collections. The New Republic and the Empire both want the Katana fleet, as the extra two hundred Dreadnoughts may turn the course of the war.

It all climaxes with everyone fighting for the Katana fleet, a battle which our heroes supposedly win, as well as being clued in to some vital information and gaining much needed allies. Ahead of the AT-AT, occasionally visible through the armored transparisteel viewport, a pair of AT-ST scout walkers ran in twin-point formation, tracking along the AT-AT’s path and watching for enemy positions or booby traps.

Mientras Luke va en busca de ese supuesto Maestro Jedi el cual no para de llamarle en la Fuerza y del que tendrá que tener cuidado pues no es nada más y nada menos que el loco de Joruus C'baoth. Evil Jedi C'Boath who is so badass that he gets Luke to come and visit him and then MAKES HIM be judge to a bunch of farmers. Zahn also uses the word "sardonic" incorrectly on a few occasions, and by the end of the third book it was really getting on my nerves how often characters tended to "mentally cross their fingers", or admit defeat in an argument by simply saying "Point.I think you have to have seen the Star Wars movies so that you know what Jedi are, but I don't think you have to be one of those people who knows the name of every alien in the Mos Eisley cantina to enjoy the books. Again, it's another case of it's not that Thrawn is any worse here, it's just because it's the same Thrawn we got in Heir and I wanted Zahn to up the ante. Many of the Star Wars villains/antagonists are either simply foolish or incredibly emotionally-driven by their rage, fear, power-hunger, etc. y pese a todo tengo curiosidad saber cómo termina la trilogía, así que no os fíes totalmente de mí, leerlas.

Again, this would be interesting if we were ever given a look at his supposedly ingenious thought process, but every time it happens, it seems to do so only because the plot needs it to. The Grand Admiral was right about one thing, at least: his troops were going to need a lot more battle seasoning before they would be up to real Imperial standards.Apart from that I enjoyed the novel, though I have to admit the story is weaker and those who've read Heir to the Empire and about to jump into this, might be disappointed on how slow it can be.

Zahn introduce conceptos que en su día y aun hoy resultan novedosos y refrescantes para Star Wars, como Coruscant (que fue este tío quien le dio desarrollo a la capital que luego Lucas añadiría en las precuelas), Jedis Oscuros, la Flota Katana (también llamada Fuerza Oscura, que es una flota de la Republica pre-Guerras Clon perdida), que las espadas laser protejan de los rayos de la Fuerza (ahora lo vemos normal, pero aquí fue la primera vez), los Noghri, etc. The plot revolves around everyone in the novel trying to find a bunch of lost spaceships that are such an amazing prize because . Mike Baron broke into comics with Nexus, his groundbreaking science fiction title co-created with illustrator Steve Rude.People hype her up as this amazing and complex character, but in Heir to the Empire she seemed rather one dimensional to me. But now that I have been introduced to Thrawn and know how awesome he is, so the novelty of this has worn off. While Luke sometimes grated on my nerves by being too goody-two-shoes, a few other characters begun to shine in this book. After their adventure with C’baoth Luke and Mara Jade infiltrate the ship posing as TIE fighter pilots and rescue Karrde, the trio escaping on the Millennium Falcon, which Thrawn had captured at some point. Ten minutes ago, the ground forces surrounding the target had reported themselves ready; the Chimaera itself had been holding blockade position for nearly an hour.

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