Buggernation Street Annual 1975

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Buggernation Street Annual 1975

Buggernation Street Annual 1975

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Ray discovers Deirdre’s unfulfilled fantasy is being bent over a bonnet by a mechanic, but Billy beats him to it when he borrows Alan’s garage. Elsie continues to rule the roost by adding new ingredients to the threesome recipe with Alan and Lucille, Ken spurns Norma’s latest proposal to offer the marital bed to his estranged missus again, Ray usurps Billy in Deirdre’s new fantasy by banging her over the yard’s office desk and photographing the experience, and Alf finds it hard to resist shoving his hands down his pants and sniffing them after every spanking.

The thought of adopting a new identity and sneaking back on there is not one I relish, for nothing will have changed; I’d only be confronted by the same bullshit that provoked my two-year exodus in 2019. Teenager Lucille Hewitt lodges with Elsie, but only makes occasional appearances, presumably spending most of her time in her bedroom frigging herself off to pictures of David Cassidy. Meanwhile, Billy encounters Deirdre’s eccentric Auntie Renee as he incurs his mother’s displeasure by associating with the ‘rancid, specky slut’. Available now, it’s Johnny Monroe’s first-hand account of living through the pandemic of 2020/21, lifted from the posts of the Winegum Telegram blog.Anyone would think the creator was some sort of hardcore pornographer rather than a satirist and producer of comedic videos for a specified adult audience. This invokes the ire of other male-only members, who resentment of Stan is expressed by speaking eloquently of the anal pain they had to endure themselves. Meanwhile, Ernie appears on local radio to discuss his impotence, providing his neighbours with amusingly intimate details of his private life. An even greater crisis looms for Albert, concerned that Minnie’s birthday meal at Jackson’s chippy is going to cost him more than a quid; but he reckons compensation will come at the Rovers via free sausage rolls.

Given the go-ahead by the IBA to break new ground in terms of ‘foul language’ on the grounds that the only people watching would be insomniacs and weirdos (decent people went to bed earlier back in the 70s), Granada produced a programme unlike anything previously seen on British television.There’s no on-screen nudity or sex of any kind in a single episode of the 42 that ended up being produced; it’s merely suggested in the most explicit manner possible – and it makes people laugh at the same time; indeed, how could they not laugh at the thought of Maggie Clegg treating Alf Roberts to a spot of water-sports or poor old Stan Ogden being forced to bend over as Hilda shoves a police truncheon where the sun don’t shine? Back on the Street, Deirdre rejects Billy’s offer to run one of his ‘Walker’s Saunas’ in Accrington as a madam and she quits his payroll, deciding to work from home alone. Following the abrupt disappearance of the ‘Buggernation Street’ back catalogue from YouTube, a special mini-episode of the series has been produced as a response to the outrageous expulsion of this national institution from the premier platform for online videos. Meanwhile, Jerry’s upset over losing his butt-plug means he’s not in the mood to accompany Ray and Alf to the seedy club Rita sings at…not to mention encountering its sleazy manager.

Dialogue is exposition-heavy as a consequence and the episode is also notable for marking the solitary appearance in the series of Stan and Hilda Ogden’s daughter Irma. Billy is determined to ban Stan from the Rovers after the bogs are blocked again, though Len’s reluctance to attend the kangaroo court lead some to suspect one of his own ‘legendary logs’ may have been responsible for the blockage. It was a shame because much of his stuff was genuinely witty and that narrow demographic of 70s British childhood tv nostalgia was really resonant for me.Bookie Dave Smith tries to do a good deed by offering his services as a gigolo free of charge to Ena and Minnie, both of whom reject the offer, whilst Hilda announces she and Stan will be holding a ‘sex party’ the following week. Stan tips-off Ray that a new nightclub on the eve of opening needs some last-minute plumbing in the hope it’ll make them all square; whilst there, Oggy encounters his perfect woman, who happens to be as thick as pigshit.

Following a punch-up with a rowdy punter, Bet’s shiner keeps her out of the way for the day, with Annie concerned the truth of the ladyman’s injury will give the Rovers a bad reputation; however, a bedside visit from Albert swiftly provokes a Lazarus-like recovery. It remained out of sight until the 28 surviving episodes began to find their way onto YouTube in the 2010s, resurrecting it as a bad taste cult classic from the pre-PC world. The Weatherfield weekend kicks-off with Alf making a record request to Ed Stewpot’s ‘Junior Choice’ for Maggie whilst Minnie comes to terms with the shock news that King Crimson have split-up. Unfortunately, the history that shazza made with this brief comment on the most recent instalment of ‘Buggernation Street’ is a history that has been erased from the books, for Sillycunt Valley’s very own Ministry of Truth has excised yours truly from the platform as of late Wednesday evening. Stan, meanwhile, thinks he can save on the expense of renovating Irma’s room by playing upon Ray’s soft spot for her - a concept that had already crossed Langton’s mind.

SCAMMER WARNING: Due to a spate of recent scam attempts (some successful) recently, if you're doing a deal in the classifieds, ONLY USE PAYPAL GOODS AND SERVICES UNLESS YOU KNOW THAT INDIVIDUAL PERSONALLY. Also, Lucille is tracked down to a grotty bedsit and Elsie pressurises Alan into bringing her back home; he does so and appears to have ironed out his problems with the threesome in the process. I like King Crimson very much and I like Robert Fripp, but what makes Toyah gets her tits out every Sunday whilst singling like a strangled hyena? Annie is a snooty widow who nevertheless craves a vibrator to enliven lonely evenings; her son Billy is a pimp who runs several brothels in Accrington, but has persuaded his girlfriend Deirdre Hunt to work on the streets of Weatherfield, a move that proves to be a profitable venture for both of them.

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